Enlarged Prostate

An enlarged prostate is one of the more common findings in routine physical exams, particularly in those males over forty. Surprisingly, an enlarged prostate may produce no symptoms. Many physicians will, however, recommend an over-the-counter nutritional supplement to return an enlarged prostate to its usual size.


BP-Qmax is a nutraceutical formulation that contains several natural ingredients, including Saw Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol, which have been clinically-proven to address the urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. The nutraceuticals in BP-Qmax are also noted for their lack of side effects such as gastrointestinal disturbances. If such side effects do occur, they can usually be alleviated by taking BP-Qmax with meals.


Although it has more of an indirect affect on an enlarged prostate, Omega-Core is a nutraceutical that contains the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These substances act as antioxidants, help repair inflammation, lower circulating bad cholesterol, and are necessary for normal function of the cell membrane. Omega-Core would thus help to reduce symptoms such as the irritation and inflammation that often contributes to an enlarged prostate.


An enlarged prostate may also contribute to erectile dysfunction. While taking a formulation similar to BP-Qmax, many men will also their sexual health issues by taking a medically proven product such as TriverexTM MD to enhance sexual performance. As is the case with every product mentioned in this post, TriverexTMMD contains only natural ingredients, all of which are known to be clinically beneficial in improving sexual health.


Since research continues to show that heart healthy changes are the most effective ways to stop prostate problems like enlarged prostate, many men have also turned to natural products that have been shown to lower bad cholesterol levels and to improve heart function. All-Lipor-Ol is a nutraceutical formulation of niacin and red yeast rice to lower bad cholesterol, either alone or in conjunction with a prescribed medicine in the “statin” family.


All bad cholesterol-lowering substances work by impeding the liver’s metabolism of fats into cholesterol. A potential side effect of any cholesterol-lowering product, prescribed or nutraceutical, is a reduction in the liver’s ability to produce a substance known as Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ-10), an enzyme that is vital for energy production inside the cells. All-Lipor-Ol also contains its own supply of CoQ-10 that has been produced from natural sources and is thus readily available for transport to the body’s cells.


To wrap things up, there are a number of nutraceutical and dietary supplement products available for addressing the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. Furthermore, there are a number of products that, beyond addressing the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate, will benefit the body’s overall health.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose enlarged prostate, treat enlarged prostate, cure enlarged prostate or prevent enlarged prostate or any disease.

Nutraceuticals can be Effective in symptoms associated with BPH

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) describes a generalized, non-cancerous, enlargement of the prostate gland. Although the exact cause of BPH remains unknown, medical researchers feel that this condition is most likely due to hormonal changes and is thus a part of the normal aging process. Symptoms of BPH may include frequent urination; difficulty in starting or maintaining a urine stream; a sensation of pressure or “fullness” near the rectum, and chronic bladder infection. Fortunately, there are several nutraceutical preparations available that are effective in addressing symptoms often associated with BPH.




BP-Qmax contains a combination of three nutraceuticals that have been proven effective with symptoms associated with BPH: Saw Palmetto extract, Beta-Sitosterol, and Pygeum Africanum. Considering that these three naturally-occurring substances have been proven to be effective when they have been used alone, BP-Qmax combines the three with a proprietary anti-inflammatory combination of quercetin, bromelain and papain in order to  provide  users with an effective “Multi-Modal Punch” against urinary symptoms associated with prostate dysfunction and BPH.




Prosta-Q contains two active ingredients that are known to be clinically effective in targeting inflammation, often associated with the progression of prostate problems including  BPH: Saw Palmetto extract and Quercetin. In addition, Prosta-Q contains the element zinc, which is known to assist in the normal function of the urinary, nervous, and immune systems as well as being a treatment* for vital respiratory infections.




Q-Urol contains a special mixture of Quercetin and Pollen Extracts which, together, exert an anti-inflammatory effect on the urinary tract as well as the rest of the body. Since inflammation is a component of many conditions other than BPH (such as arthritis or musculo-skeletal disorders), Q-Urol can be seen as an “all-in-one” natural option for a variety of concerns that may arise alongside BPH.


The time until an improvement in BPH symptoms is noted will, of course, vary among the individual users. While some will notice a lessening of symptoms within the first few weeks, it is not uncommon for several months to pass before an improvement will be noticed.


In summary, many of the urinary and inflammatory symptoms associated with BPH can be controlled (if not totally eliminated) by use of nutraceuticals such as BP-Qmax, Prosta-Q, and Q-Urol. As an added benefit, the nutraceuticals included in these preparations are also beneficial to other bodily systems and thus work to maintain optimal health in the users of these products.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose BPH, treat BPH, cure BPH, or prevent BPH or any disease.

Nocturia Treatment *

Nocturia forces the sufferers to get up at night because of a strong urge to pass urine. It affects people of both sexes and tends to get more prevalent with increasing age.


Symptoms of Nocturia


Under normal conditions, people should find no problem sleeping for between six and eight hours without getting up to urinate. Those who suffer from Nocturia have to get up more than once when they are pressed. As a result, they tend to suffer from disrupted sleep cycles.


Patients are encouraged to keep a record of their fluid intake and voiding for two days to help in diagnosing Nocturia. The record should include amount of urine passed, any medications taken and other related symptoms.


Nocturia Treatment *


Different pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are used to treat* Nocturia, including:




The Institute of Male Urology tested this nutraceutical in a clinical trial led by Daniel Shoskes, M.D. The trial showed that 82 percent of males who used it realized improvement in the symptoms of genital and pelvic discomfort.


The nutraceutical is made of different ingredients whose effects have been clinically proven, including Saw Palmetto, Quercetin, Papain, Bromelain and Zinc. It is the most powerful all-natural nutraceutical formulation for treating* addressing symptoms associated with Nocturia and related symptoms.




This is a time-released, tableted form of Prosta-Q with the addition of pollen extract that has been scientifically proven to maintain the integrity and health of the prostate.


The pollen extract is a phytotherapeutic agent that contains amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It has anti-inflammatory properties.




This is another potent nutraceutical addressing the symptoms associated with nocturia that is formulated with specific phytotherapeutic agents that help in maintaining proper urinary flow and overall health of the prostate.


Beta-sitosterol is one of the main ingredients. This plant sterol is good for the health of the urinary system, prostate and heart. It also contains Quercetin that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


Nocturia is a troublesome condition that leads to other health complications. These nutraceuticals have been scientifically proven to address frequent urination and the problem of going often at night.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose nocturia, treat nocturia, cure nocturia or prevent nocturia or any disease.