Addressing the symptoms associated with Prostatis

Prostatis is an inflammation of the prostate gland that is commonly diagnosed in men over the age of forty. This inflammation may be due to a bacterial infection, a viral infection or, in some cases, the actual cause of the inflammation may never be identified.  Regardless of its underlying cause, prostatitis may cause symptoms such as pain or the sensation of pressure in the lower pelvis; frequent and difficult urination, or recurrent chills and fever.

 Addressing the symptoms associated with prostatitis primarily involves reducing the inflammation that is the underlying cause of the patient’s symptoms. Although in some cases the cause of an individual’s prostatis cannot be determined, this is usually not a factor in the treatment* of the condition since such treatment* is targeted at reducing the prostate gland inflammation. There are several nutraceuticals available to address the symptoms associated with prostatis.

 Prosta-Q is a popular clinically proven formulation which contains Saw Palmetto, Quercetin, and Cranberry (non-acidic) Extract among its ingredients.  Since each of these nutraceuticals has been shown individually to be effective, Prosta-Q gives the user the benefit of all three preparations with the convenience of a single capsule.

 Q-Urol is another popular nutraceutical to address the symptoms associated with prostatitis. Since its active ingredients include Quercetin and the addition of Pollen Extract, two powerful anti-inflammatory nutraceuticals, Q-Urol directly targets the source of prostatis symptoms.

 In some cases, prostatis can contribute to the onset of secondary conditions such as erectile dysfunction and poor sexual health. Although such dysfunction usually resolves with addressing the symptoms associated with the underlying prostatis, it may be necessary to address poor sexual health with nutraceuticals such as TriverexTM MD.

 TriverexTM MD is a potent formulation of nutraceuticals whose main ingredients are Korean Red Ginseng, L-Citrulline, and Epimedium extracts. These phytotherapeutic (plant-based) agents do not directly influence the prostate itself but instead work by increasing blood flow to the penis which, in turn, results in a longer, harder, erection. Those suffering from poor sexual health due to prostatis may want to try TriverexTM MD before resorting to other, prescription agents.

 In conclusion, prostatis is a relatively frequent complaint in men over the age of forty. Many men have opted to address the symptoms of prostatis by using nutraceutical products such as Prosta-Q or Q-Urol. In those cases where poor sexual health occurs as a complication of prostatitis, TriverexTM MD has proven effective in improving sexual health in addition to erectile strength and duration.

 *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose prostatis, treat prostitis, cure prostatitis or prevent prostatitis or any disease.