New AUA guideline recommends cranberry (ClearFlo MD) for UTIs

The 2019 AUA (American Urological Association) guidelines for recurring UTIs emphasize the need for non-antibiotic alternatives and highlight cranberry PACs as an effective means of prevention. Studies* have shown that consuming 36mg of soluble cranberry PACs was as effective as low dosage antibiotics for UTI prevention. 

Our Solution - ClearFlo MD.

The recently published AUA Guideline for “Recurrent Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections in Women” recommends cranberry prophylaxis. Specifically, Guideline Statement 13 is “Clinicians may offer cranberry prophylaxis for women with (recurrent) rUTIs.”

Cranberry is the only non-antibiotic prophylaxis that the AUA Guideline recommends. However, the Panel also notes that not all cranberry products in the market meet the PACs concentration and requirements needed to prevent bacterial adhesion to the uroepithelium. Due to the lack of regulation in the dietary supplement industry, consumers need to be aware that they are only getting the right cranberry supplement.

ClearFlo MD cranberry supplement has been independently tested and certified in the U.S. for its proanthocyanidin (PAC) content. It has also been approved by Health Canada as a Natural Health product for the prevention of recurring urinary tract infections.  ClearFlo MD contains 36 mg of PACs per capsule, extracted only from North American cranberries, the dose shown to decrease the antiadhesion activity of E. coli bacteria to the urinary tract.


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