CITUROL Plus - 30-day Supply (1 bottle @ $17.99)
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CITUROL Plus - 30-day Supply (1 bottle @ $17.99)


Citurol Plus is a natural dietary supplement supported by clinical research for Bone, Kidney and Urinary Health.* 

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A series of natural ingredients including Calcium Citrate and Cholecalciferol, or Vitamin D3, are a part of Citurol Plus. Citurol Plus is a high potency Calcium Citrate complex with 400 mg per pill of Calcium Citrate, 500 IU of Vitamin D3 and specialized natural enzymes to increase bioavailability and improve digestive health. Calcium Citrate has also been shown to be heart healthy by maintaining proper cholesterol levels and when combined with cholecalciferol in one of the largest randomized clinical trials, calcium citrate was shown to improve bone health in men and women (New Engl J Med 1997). Calcium Citrate is also the most recommended form of calcium to use when there is a history of kidney stones.

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Citurol Plus’s blend of high potency, clinically proven natural ingredients at the proper levels has been specifically designed to provide:

  • • Bone Health*
  • • Kidney Health*
  • • Urinary Health*
  • • Heart Health*
  • • Digestive Health*


Frequently Asked Questions About Citurol Plus

Q and A by our Consulting Medical Advisory Board

What is Citurol Plus?
Citurol Plus is a highly specialized, all-natural nutritional supplement formulated to support bone, kidney and urinary health.* Citurol Plus contains calcium citrate and cholecalciferol, or vitamin D3 along with specialized natural enzymes to increase bioavailability and improve digestive health.* It is one of the only concentrated calcium citrate and vitamin D3 products at the right potency level, which allows for the maximum potential benefit. Dietary sources and dietary supplement sources of calcium and vitamin D from foods and beverages both have clinical evidence. The problem that researchers and clinicians have experienced is that it takes unusually large and unrealistic amounts of these healthy foods on a regular basis to increase your body’s levels of these compounds to the amount that has demonstrated benefit from clinical studies. It is for this reason that maximum benefits are seen at the recommended doses of Citurol Plus.

Why Citurol Plus to address bone, kidney and urinary health?
Few dietary supplements or ingredients compared to Citurol Plus has as much clinical research. The ingredients in Citurol Plus are some of the most researched compounds in the world, and they have been concentrated to provide one of the most potent products on the market so you are not required to take as many pills daily. For example, the ingredients found in this supplement are already utilized around the world by urologic health professionals.

What indications support use of Citurol Plus?
Individuals (women and men) concerned about bone health and/or kidney health, and those on LHRH treatment or Androgen Deprivation Treatment (ADT) are the best potential candidates to take Citurol Plus.

How should you use Citurol Plus?
The recommend daily amount of calcium for bone and kidney health* should be between 1000 and 1500 milligrams per day from healthy foods, beverages, and supplements. Therefore, some physicians recommend up to 3 tablets a day – preferably before or during meals. Others recommend less (1-2 tablets a day) depending on your needs and how much calcium you are able to get from your diet. Taking Citurol Plus around the time of meals helps reduce the number one issue with safe pills, which is some stomach upset.

How long will it take for Citurol Plus to work?
Individuals should take Citurol Plus continuously for bone and kidney health or during the duration of their ADT. Some will take it longer, but the actual amount of time you remain on this product should always be determined by you and your physician.

How safe is Citurol Plus?
Citurol Plus has been about as safe as a sugar pill in clinical studies and has also been shown to be heart healthy. It is also free of other types of calcium that have been known to increase constipation and the risk of kidney problems (stones), which has been a concern with some other products on the market. We do not believe in recommending any product unless it is heart healthy. What has been shown to be heart healthy has also been shown to support urologic health so this results in a 2 for 1 benefit. Your physician will decide what medicines can be taken with Citurol Plus, but currently it appears to be safe when used with or without most medications. In fact, even individuals already on bone health medications should take Citurol Plus to further improve bone and kidney health.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products detailed on this site are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If a medical condition exists, see your health care professional.