PROUROL Probiotic with D-Mannose   - 60-day Supply (2 boxes)
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PROUROL Probiotic with D-Mannose - 60-day Supply (2 boxes)


Prourol is a specialized clinically proven probiotic agent specifically formulated in collaboration with leading urologists at major medical centers to assist individuals (men and women) seeking bladder and/or immune health*

It includes probiotic strains specifically targeted toward urinary and bladder health.  Naturally-occurring D-mannose has been added to further prevent bacteria or yeast from sticking to the bladder walls which helps with preventing UTIs.

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A natural ingredient or “friendly bacteria” known as a “probiotic” in large concentrations is a part of Prourol. It is one of the only concentrated probiotic products at the appropriate potency level (10 billion units per gram), which allows for the maximum potential benefit for individuals in need of bladder and immune health.*

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Prourol’s active ingredient at the proper levels has been specifically designed to provide:

          • Bladder & Urinary Health*
          • Immune Health*


Frequently Asked Questions About Prourol

Q and A by our Consulting Medical Advisory Board

What is Prourol?
Prourol is a highly specialized, all-natural and clinically proven nutritional supplement formulated to support bladder and/or immune health.* Prourol contains a specific probiotic agent “friendly bacteria” called Lactobacillus Casei at a concentrated potency level which allows for the maximum potential benefit. Dietary sources from dairy products, primarily yogurt, also have some clinical evidence. The problem that researchers and clinicians have experienced is that it takes unusually large and unrealistic amounts of these healthy foods on a regular basis to increase your body’s levels of these compounds to the amount that has demonstrated benefit from clinical studies. In fact, all of the clinical trials published over the past 15 years have found a benefit in those that take this compound. It is for this reason that maximum benefits are seen at the recommended doses of Prourol.

Why Prourol to address bladder and immune health?
Few dietary supplement ingredients have the clinical research and support that Prourol has for individuals in need of bladder and immune health.* The primary ingredient in Prourol is one of the most clinically researched compounds in the world, and it has been concentrated to provide one of the most potent products on the market so you are not required to take as many pills daily. D-Mannose has been added to the probiotic blend to make Prourol even more effective for the prevention of recurrent UTIs.

D-Mannose has been added to the probiotic blend to make Prourol even more effective for the prevention of recurrent UTIs.

What indications support use of Prourol?
Individuals (women and men) concerned about bladder and/or immune health are the best potential candidates to take Prourol. Individuals only seeking immune health support are also potential candidates for Prourol.

How should you use Prourol?
The recommend daily amount of Prourol for bladder and immune health* is up to 4 capsules a day - 2 taken twice per day preferably before or during meals. Other healthcare providers recommend less (1-2 capsules a day). Taking Prourol around the time of meals helps reduce the number one issue with safe pills, which is some stomach upset.

How long will it take for Prourol to work?
Individuals should take Prourol for several months or even years. Some will take it even longer based on the clinical evidence, which demonstrated the largest benefit for those that take it for an extended period of time.

How safe is Prourol?
Prourol has been about as safe as a sugar pill in clinical studies and, in addition to bladder health, has also been shown to be immune and heart healthy.* It also comes from healthy food sources and is purified in the laboratory for quality control, which has been a concern with some other products on the market. We do not believe in recommending any product unless it heart healthy. What has been shown to be heart healthy has also been shown to support urologic health so this results in a 2 for 1 benefit. Your healthcare provider will decide what medicines can be taken with Prourol, but currently it appears to be safe when used with or without most medications. The exception is for patients that currently have inflammatory conditions such as pancreatitis or those on immune suppressive medications. Since it provides strong immune health support there are situations where your healthcare provider may not want such support for you based on your current medical situation.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If a medical condition exists, see your health care professional.