Chronic Prostatitis

The term Prostatitis is generally used to refer to the infection of the prostate although it may also manifest itself in the form of an inflammation that does not show any sign of infection. Inflammatory prostatitis, or Chronic Prostatitis, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome accounts for over 90% of those diagnosed with prostatitis.

Chronic Prostatitis is a type of prostatitis that does not seem to go away. The term Chronic Prostatitis is often used when the condition lasts for over three months.


The following nutraceuticals are recommended for addressing the symptoms associated with Chronic Prostatitis because they use ingredients that have passed scientific tests.




This nutritional supplement contains a patent-pending formula of active ingredients that address the symptoms associated with Chronic Prostatitis by maintaining proper health of the prostate and by effectively targeting the pain and quality of life scores associated with Chronic Prostatitis. The ingredients particularly address symptoms such as genital and pelvic discomfort.


The ingredients include Zinc, Quercetin – an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, – as well as bromelain and papain which improve absorption of the actives and digestion.  Prosta-Q is, a proprietary formula that multiple clinical trials have concluded that it helps address the symptoms associated with Chronic Prostatitis.




Physicians in different parts of the world recommend this supplement because it is a time-release tableted version of Prosta-Q, which increases blood levels, and includes the addition of a special form of pollen extract that has been scientifically proven to maintain the integrity and health of the prostate.  This helps address inflammation, the key symptom associated with Chronic Prostatitis.




This is a complex made of Omega-3 fish oil that helps in maintaining proper cholesterol levels and metabolic balance in addition to supporting healthy weight. It contains high concentrations of four Omega-3 fatty acids with each pill having over 900 mg of the active Omega 3 fatty acids, three times more than that found in dietary grade fish oil.


Since research continues to show that heart healthy changes are the most effective ways to stop prostate problems, it addresses complications associated with Chronic Prostatitis.


TriverexTM MD


This nutraceutical contains powerful phytotherapeutic agents that support and maintain sexual health, which often can be associated with Chronic Prostatitis.


TriverexTM MD is an over-the-counter supplement; however, Farr Laboratories requires that a healthcare practitioner provide a recommendation for use in order to address male sexual health and the sexual symptoms associated with Chronic Prostatitis. No serious side effects have been reported.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose Chronic Prostatitis, treat Chronic Prostatitis, cure Chronic Prostatitis, or prevent Chronic Prostatitis or any disease.

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