BP-QMax - 30-day Supply Bulk Pricing
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BP-QMax - 30-day Supply Bulk Pricing

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BP-Qmax is an evidence-based nutraceutical specifically formulated with particular phytotherapeutic agents to support prostate health and help maintain healthy urinary flow and function.*

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This proprietary blend of clinically proven all-natural ingredients found in BP-Qmax was developed in collaboration with leading urologists at major medical centers to assist men with prostate and urinary health issues and provide support for those seeking powerful, but natural, prostate health support.*

A series of natural ingredients are a part of BP-Qmax. One chief ingredient is a plant sterol named Beta-sitosterol which has extensive clinical evidence in the areas of prostate, urinary and heart health. Pollen Extract (Cernilton), another ingredient in BP-Qmax, is a natural anti-inflammatory substance. Several recent published studies have noted the role that inflammation plays in the progression of prostate and urinary issues in men.*


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BP-Qmax's blend of clinically proven phytotherapeutic ingredients has been specifically designed to support prostate health and help address urinary symptoms such as:

           • Going frequently
           • Trouble going
           • Flow starts and stops and
           • Going often at night

In fact, BP-Qmax's exclusive combination includes Beta-sitosterol, pygeum africanum, saw palmetto and pollen extract, as well as bromelain and papain for greater absorption. Pollen extract (Cernilton) is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that has been proven safe and effective in clinical trials for addressing prostate dysfunction and promoting overall prostate health1, 2.*

Double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies have found that saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol and pygeum africanum are especially effective if in the dosages provided in BP-Qmax to relieve urinary symptoms and urinary flow problems. 3, 4, 5, This powerful combination of four clinically proven all-natural agents with the addition of particular digestive enzymes for greater absorption can only be found in BP-Q max.*

Frequently Asked Questions About BP-Q Prostate

Q and A by our Consulting Medical Advisory Board


What is BP-Qmax?
BP-Qmax is a nutritional supplement formulated to support prostate health and help maintain healthy urinary flow and function.* BP-Qmax contains a series of natural, clinically proven ingredients including beta-sitosterol, saw palmetto, pygeum africanum, and pollen extract, as well as papain/bromelain to aid digestion. The problem that researchers and clinicians experienced initially was that it takes unusually large and unrealistic amounts of certain healthy foods and/or herbal compound sources on a regular basis to increase your body’s levels to the amount that has demonstrated benefit from clinical studies. It is for this reason that maximum benefits are seen at the recommended doses of BP-Qmax.

Why BP-Qmax to address symptoms associated unhealthy urinary flow and function?
Few dietary supplements or ingredients compared to BP-Qmax have as much clinical research and support from some of the top urologists in the world. BP-Qmax is one of the most popular products in the world utilized with or without prescription medications for prostate and urinary health support. For example, these specific compounds are actually used by pharmacists, primary care physicians, urologists and other healthcare professionals in several countries inside and outside of the United States.

What indications support use of BP-Qmax?
Men with prostate and urinary health issues such as going frequently, having trouble going, flow starts and stops, and going often at night are the best potential candidates to take BP-Qmax.

How should you use BP-Qmax?
We recommend 2 tablets per day taken with meals. This helps reduce the number one issue with safe pills, which is minimal stomach upset. If the patient has no symptom improvement after 2-3 months, the product is unlikely to help him and other options should be discussed with a healthcare professional.

How long will it take for BP-Qmax to work?
Some people notice improvement after the first few doses. Others find that they must take it for two to three months to see maximum benefit.

What side effects have you seen?
BP-Qmax is generally well tolerated by most users. Some users have reported mild nausea if taken on an empty stomach.

Can I combine BP-Qmax with other natural products?
We don't recommend it. The product is specifically designed to be the most effective prostate and urinary health supplement available and already contains the best natural compounds that have clinically proven benefits. There is no way of knowing how ingredients in other nutritional supplements or treatments will interact with BP-Qmax. Even if the other products are considered "safe", they may interfere with the absorption of BP-Q Prostate, or block its actions in other ways.

BP-Qmax has helped me feel better. Do I have to keep taking it?
We recommend staying on a maintenance dose of at least one tablet per day for an additional 2-3 months. Some users find they can stop taking the product without recurrence of symptoms while others find they need to stay on the maintenance or even full dose to remain symptom-free.


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